The Réti

The opening is named after Richard Réti (1889–1929), an untitled Grandmaster from Czechoslovakia. The opening is in the spirit of the hypermodernism movement that Réti championed, with the center being dominated from the wings rather than by direct occupation. (Wikipedia)

The Réti Opening for White begins with 1. Nf3 d5 2. c4

Below are some Chessbard translated games that use the Réti Opening for White.


Richard Reti vs Akiba Rubinstein (Karlsbad (1923))

Imagine: any ground desert 
sands and casts cellular copy! 

metal worm, that textbook 
meddles imagination each protection (protection) and 
mechanical coherence receptively worms screech 

any therapist or scrawny sphere 
over basket and blurred sketch 

Where is the present circlet?
What is that seashelled machine?

any deformity tunnels shoulder 
past highrise and stage and 
that stonework

Alexander Alekhine vs John Drewitt (Portsmouth / Southsea (1923))

finger casts zinc among powder 
any sand mechanically carves logic (logic)

spooned textbook a mechanical woman 
conjoins and reproduces foul 

clicking or

Ekaterina Kovalevskaya vs Anastasia Travkina (2014)

sealed grinder a sandy circlet (circlet)
inside or among any something 

a sound some instantaneous desert 
brazenly and exotically pleasures menu 

each promotion calculates self 
across circlet or menu and a base

Borya Ider vs Christopher Debray (2014)

the ground machine and 
makeshift sand interlocks that base 

that resistance, a coherent cube 
isolatedly blazes sketch and cell 

curved burr and the temptation 
doggedly tempts fibre and 
sphere combines around logic 

stung base or desert 
mechanically exists just rank, desert

Aron Nimzowitsch vs Frank James Marshall (Karlsbad (1907))

finger roughly and purposely deserts 
each spoon, the considerations 

copied dark any slimy apology 
mechanically knights wasp onto individual 

city! individual! city and desert 

any spoon utterly binds 

Bonnerjee Mohishunder vs John Cochrane (Calcutta (1851))

Imagine: that sealed grinder 
deserts (deserts) or produces blurred interest! 

instantaneous machine and textbook 
forcefully meddles instant and worm 

mechanical path or reproduced base 
or momentously shrinks this circlet 

unsightly base massively or easily 
cripples curling technician down