Deep Thought

Deep Thought was a computer designed to play chess. Deep Thought was initially developed at Carnegie Mellon University and later at IBM. It was second in the line of chess computers developed by Feng-hsiung Hsu, starting with ChipTest and culminating in Deep Blue. In addition to Hsu, the Deep Thought team included Thomas Anantharaman, Mike Browne, Murray Campbell and Andreas Nowatzyk. Deep Thought was easily defeated in both games of a two-game match with Garry Kasparov in 1989 as well as in a correspondence match with Michael Valvo.

It was named after Deep Thought, a fictional computer in Douglas Adams’ series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The naming of chess computers has continued in this vein with Deep Blue, Deep Fritz, Deep Junior, etc.

Description via Wikipedia

Playing White vs Igor Vasilievich Ivanov (US open (1988))

something receptively mechanizes and seals 
desert, path famously isolates apology (apology)

single copper, some textbook and 
considerations, combined cast underneath cast 

the burned circlet or instant 
skittishly twists quarter

Playing White vs Garry Kasparov (New York (1989))

blurred product mechanizes any finger 

brazen matter between humane lifestyle 

logic sands above lock or 
the noise interestingly conjoins circlet 

Which apologetic circlet moves this reproduction?
any round cast and womanly stage 

Which scrawny sketch revolves each sphere?

round clock or that basket 
dribbles woman or sphere 

a passageway coherently insists melody 

a ruin

Playing Black vs Joel Benjamin (ICS Heid (1993))

some wink, riddle within opposition 
within texture, screened strategy or 
surgical limb wails horizon (horizon, horizon)

drugged container and furry ampersand 
strategizes and drags wrinkly fortress 

that blessed penthouse wretchedly 
protects horizon, drift or 
this land or the blessing 

equivalent delivery, monochromatic punctuation outside 
a hour or digital half 

the quantity ironically circles and 
strictly informs word, equivalent make-up 

blazing distinction below boundary 

Playing Black vs Sun Phoenix Computer (Orlando (1988))

memorized half opposes beside 
central diagonal my tart cure 

that circuit or limb, automaton 
suspends huddled path inside limb 

surgical bust and a darkness 
or reject feathery cure and 
any path delicately strands automaton 

any feathery itself and 
centre, crawl some delivery or 
beach darkly drifts

Playing Black vs Mephisto Computer (Orlando (1988))

memorized half or made-up centre 
randomly cores each pulse or 
square negative darkens (darkens) this collar 

winged strand, dark diagonal 
pulses unexceptional collar or 
textured binary and textured binary 

reproduced beef toes toward 
a violin, binary behind collar 

any piece, knotted bust spotlessly 
rarifies and busts software or 
this iron busts binary 

globally bust, series and 
iron forces and whispers negative 

Playing White vs Compx Challenger Computer (Orlando (1988))

blurred product, mechanical resistance seals 
and blazes base and pendulum (pendulum)

cellular spoon or interest and 
spherical diagonal burns each caterpillar 

coherent silicon or reassemblage 
ruins cell, grinder beyond basket 

the organ, alley underneath textbook 

single textbook and expensive screech 
erectly necessitates outside any considerations 

the twin logic expensively