Vera Menchik

“Vera Menchik (16 February 1906 – 27 June 1944) was a British-Czech chess player who gained renown as the world’s first women’s chess champion. She also competed in chess tournaments with some of the world’s leading male chess masters, defeating many of them, including future World Champion Max Euwe.” (Source: Wikipedia. Find more of her games, downloadable as PGN files, at

Playing White vs Georges Koltanowski (Hastings (1927))

Imagine: some sandy grinder
deserts and observes resistive apology (apology)!

quick human, some temptation isolates
erroneously and performs warily
angle and hard

Playing Black Vs Abraham Baratz (Hastings (1927))

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path, wink negates mathematics, twist
toes other across path

thicket deceives and softly
shades bound companion and
any person proudly paves

Playing White vs Savielly Tartakower (Barcelona (1929))

some something? some finger!

logical cube, desert (desert) and
flavoured interest among copper rank

any deserted movement or instrument

the circuit some instrumental interest
passively worms knotted caterpillar, apple
solicits matter or slimy city

watched individual or knight

Playing Black vs Sonja Graf-Stevenson (Women’s World Championship (1930))

memorized wink riddles a core
hunched cord above certain path

mathematical wink or verbose toe

a strand strictly criss-crosses person
flutters choice down moving remainder

any sublime, that negative preacher
every reproduced container and cure

incandescent iron outside blessed switch

Playing White vs Jose Raul Capablanca (Karlsbad (1929))

mechanical finger, ground desert
roughly traps this wood

scrawny spoon always or importantly
activates round rabbit down knot

coherence scrawny, lifestyle applauds or
cowardly exits basket, a rank shocked