The Ruy Lopez

“The Ruy Lopez opening is commonly referred to as the “Spanish Game” and is one of the most popular openings in chess. It is a follow-up and extension of white’s King Pawn Opening (in which white begins by moving a pawn to e4.) The move is named after Ruy Lopez de Segura, a 16th Century priest (and an avid chess player) who wrote a book analyzing the game.” (Wikipedia).

The initial opening, which very quickly spirals out into many, many variations, is 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5


Below are some Ruy Lopez games translated through the Chessbard.

Viswanathan Anand vs Lazaro Bruzon (Ciudad de Leon (2006))

blurred finger behind stripped plaster 

this liquorice productively apologizes dormouse 

mechanical cell outside resistance 
necessitates some spooned textbook or 
angular purpose, the menu 

a knot, flowers or man 
utterly casts bog or seashell 

some city or desert, mirror 
exits staged textbook between oyster 

erect decomposition or that equation 
equates powerfully or desert 
adds storm

Aron Nimzowitsch vs Jose Raul Capablanca (St Petersburg (1914))

blurred finger above added machine 
deserts round worm and sketch 

any round cord hideously 
rotates basket, desert and 
a necessity and each curl 

buried diagonal beside coherence 
toward sketch and injected woman 

slow cycle beneath creep 
appears a womanly clock and slimy

Garry Kasparov vs Anatoly Karpov (World Championship, 1990)

a finger, arithmetic skillfully traps 
or realizes product and machine 

cellular necessity openly mechanizes 
confrontation, tempered imagination combines purposely 
each rule, each sphere 

the stripped bubble beyond 
any diagonal, coherence beyond reassemblage 

Will textbook choose purpose or cylinder?

massive instant angrily and exotically 
injures square cone 

Robert James Fischer vs Boris Spassky (Reykjavik, 1972)

blurred or added kitten (kitten), interest 
surreally produces apology or cell 

If open cast necessitates slowness, 
What meddles?

a powder? instantaneous spoon!

sand promotes speed inside finger 
realizes wood or coherence and 
pointed apple, the silicon 

seashell lyrically or ravenously cures 
and argumentally isolates inside basket 

any helmet or cure or 
some seashell, this chorus 

Rybka (Computer) vs Shredder (Computer) (WCCC Pamplona Openclass (2009))

Which blurred finger adds (adds) cubed spoon?
The mechanical instant 

this lock, spherical interest or 
worm temptingly deserts licked flower 

expensive circuit? that temptation!

ground powder and screech 
promptly burns