Beatriz Hausner “First is the Beloved” Up under Responses + ELO Conference in Bergen

So incredibly excited to have Beatriz Hausner’s response “First is the Beloved” up at A taste!

First is the Beloved: he Entreats and raises the stakes to Fourth
of seventh month. Next is the Beloved and he Forwards the Sixth
place of white and moves Two to black. Enters the Beloved to Fifth.
there is a house. Not Deciding on Five the Beloved moves in again
on the Third he Decides to find the significance of the number Four
he is Deciding the Beloved for the Sixth time and multiplies again
by Four. Net white. Fair black Three times Get to Six with Five Behind
not Caring about those Four times or however many the Beloved
it matters Not to Be Six times Six. Be. Being Three decades since
the Beloved got Going to the Seventh year this one be lucky seven.

As well, roughly two weeks until Aaron is in Bergen, Norway for the ELO Conference with the ChessBard. So excited! To keep up with all events and chesspoetry follow our twitter account at and/or our Facebook page at

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