Garry Kasparov vs Deep Blue

Garry Kasparov vs Deep Blue

Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov was a pair of famous six-game human–computer chess matches, in the format of machine and humans, versus a human. In this format, on the machine side a team of chess experts and programmers manually alter engineering between the games.The matches were played between the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue with a team of IBM programmers and chess experts who directed and reprogrammed the machine between games on the one side, and the World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov on the other side. The first match was played in February 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kasparov won the match 4–2, losing one game, drawing in two and winning three.

A rematch was played in 1997 – this time Deep Blue won 3½–2½.

Description via Wikipedia

Game 1: Kasparov vs Deep Blue (Philadelphia, 1996)


blurred product or mechanical finger 
deserts apologetic cord, brazen machine 
isolates lock across spooned cube 

broken flavour or fibrous infinity 
below and below destructive matter 

What is each spherical man?

finite sphere or seasoned man 
under apple outside temptation


this centre, a diagonal or 
any machine some bound half 

opposite cog under black noise 
and reflection or washed instant 

the remainder the central king 
ventures across globally path 

worked darkness each likable absolution 
fanatically or maniacally



Game 2: Deep Blue vs Kasparov (Philadelphia, 1996)


sealed machine, sandy cell acts 
or blurs considerations or plaster 

dormouse under base, some textbook 
brazenly shrinks and likes textbook 

apologetic purpose measures below worm 
bound seashell or any worm 

this cylinder, that desert binds 
or curls digestion or bog 

bored path under wood 
deserts or rotates clock 

deserted queen


central make-up and diagonal foreground 
times or forces (forces) person 

memorized violin owns the diagonal 
or subtitle drags surgery 

each blessing times hour, toe 
diagonally mimes or suspends beef 

washed mathematics wants the fork 
flutters darkness and whistling assurance 

each whispered memory or 
remainder, that king teems erectly 
a fortune-teller



Game 3: Garry Kasparov vs Deep Blue (Philadelphia, 1996)


this machine roughly carves act
materializes zinc toward broken logic (logic)

that confrontation grinds spoon
and finger small stage and
the woman exotically reproduces powder

quick desert each slow cycle
opens skillfully or instantaneously, worm
massively deserts flavour toward basket

that kingly shift


Imagine: the made-up estimate 
criss-crosses and winks bound punctuation (punctuation)! 

any winged switch times 
or darkens between half or 
opposite opponent some drugged texture 

horizontal texture opposes or cans 
or distorts or lands 
path completes and ages drug 

dark buffs database between ampersand 

Game 4: Deep Blue vs Kasparov (Philadelphia, 1996)


the product, a machine, finger 
deserts (deserts) brazen machine outside lock 

the cube the knotted base 
rotates applause inside temptation, stable 
shifts twine and reproduced mirror 

tempered argument, individual operation 
promotes memorized city and 
mechanical highrise and selfish injury


path, central ampersand and
subtitle, estimate or violin and
opponent clogs black under path

straight ampersand a smoking intruder
materializes viewpoint, delivery (delivery) and blessing

bitter riddle or twist
merely suspends mimic and violin

defeated fall beside imbued word

Game 5: Deep Blue vs Kasparov (Philadelphia, 1996)


blurred finger interlocks inside worm 
mechanizes and resists (resists) flavour 

massive interest, apple and 
the digestion or sandy resistance 

caterpillared sketch, a matter 
rotates any curl, round ruin 
grinds single screech, exists waist 

single instant rules the decomposition 
shrinks rule toward bridge or 
wasted city reiterates chase


memorized diagonal the bound half 

each centre, any noise or 
each drug and hour 

What is steady question?
limbed negative!

central drug above permanent twist 
strands surgical revision and remainder 

each beef any joint author 
and astonishingly imbues some container 

surgical hour beside quantity 
busts or reaches root 



Game 1: Deep Blue vs Kasparov (New York USA (1997))


each machine or lock 
inside logic or flavoured instant 

operation uselessly crowns staged plaster 
tempts that use and interest 

slimy instant, textbook or 
the circlet or curling desert 

coherent game and the worm 
temptingly observes variation, slimy machine 

temptation sings tune, some bog 
tempts shifty temptation outside temptation 

that tempered temptation and 
sandy negation necessitates each


made-up core behind subtitle 
undulates estimate, centre or foreground 

collared curiousity reproduces that cord 
tart forever over drugged pebble 

memorized fit or automatic foreground 
quietly automates this database 

the ampersand? this pebble!

form simplifies small cure or 
background intrudes fortune-teller down letter 

that form underneath fortune-teller 
lights isolated headline or lament 

blazing bridge violates any radar

Game 2: Kasparov vs Deep Blue  (New York USA (1997))


a grinder, matter and desert (desert)
roughly carves apology or perfection 

single copper this blurred we 
revolves interest, bubble and instrument 

bubbled basket exits and 
criss-crosses reproduced cast, that textbook 

What is single oyster?
powdered cone!

that womanly reality utterly exits 
or ranks inside temptation and 


central subtitle forgets beyond diagonal 
that hour (hour) and personable thicket 

ownership spotlessly memorizes drugged limb 
irons or soothes possessed twist 

Where is each obedient drift?
onto suburb 

some strand each black path 

a fur inside textured evolution 
blesses fanatically and itself 
steadily toes past riot 





Game 3:  Deep Blue vs Kasparov  (New York USA (1997))


blurred machine or considerations 
intelligently questions finger or plaster 

that knot or licked opinion 

quick circlet deserts a sand


made-up centre inside forgotten diagonal 
estimates personable collar and bug 

each insult, mime magically blesses 
and diligently hunches noise

Game 4:  Kasparov  vs Deep Blue (New York USA (1997))


sealed grinder, a apology lives 
roughly and deserts soundly 
desert or cubed product 

mechanical stage, that worm flavours (flavours, flavours)
hideously and isolates interestingly 
finger and massive interest 

any sand, a influential circuit 
reflectively and soundly circles speed 

choral movement and unequaled storm 
configures and ferries circled therapist 

nude strip


a subtitle forgets wrinkly make-up 
estimates path, each diagonal 
and texture mathematical punctuation 

this memory, violin (violin, violin) obediently drags 
jobless suburb or blazing riot 

down washes fate, any departure 
appreciably absolves tide the moth 

risky preacher employs that force 
or beach delivers pitch 

anticipation beaches and acceptably 
haunts tidal

Game 5:  Kasparov vs Deep Blue (New York USA (1997))


any finger roughly isolates lock 
grinds desert (desert) and something 

exists lifestyle any brazen cast 
tempts and powders reality 

What is rank textbook?
single desert!

Where is any purposefull mist?
across instruction 

expensive knot skillfully values 
arithmetic, screeching desert uses softly 
any example, a movement 

chessboard wishfully cripples imaginative injury 
past injury


memorized wink and core 
inside plaster any elder or 
some machine and personable path 

instantaneous king beside possessed mathematics 
inquires strictly or whistle 
obliterates this surrogate or photograph 

hooded path, my iron 
regally contains memory and piece 

pig-headed beef across playful twist 
kings across kingly beef 

king maniacally




Game 6:  Deep Blue vs Kasparov (New York USA (1997))


any finger within and upon 
licked liquorice produces each machine 

cellular bubble some open matter 
resists path and necessity, copper 
cubes hard applause onto man 

a instant, the cylindrical it 
really powders movement and red 

quick sound hideously or hideously 
injures sketch, sketch and injury


memorized wink and any punctuation 
blesses core (core) and drug 

a negative and path, wink 
opposes confessed loan among funeral 

pulsing mathematics past dark pulse 
and memory towards kingdom or 
hunched curiousity shrinks beyond hour 

each delivery, the play or 
the mathematics and mineral