Jennifer Shahade & The ChessBard: A Blindfold Exhibition

On September 18th, 2015, two time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade  played a blindfold chess exhibition at Ryerson University’s Student Learning Center against Aaron Tucker; both of their moves were translated in poems in real time. You can find a full recap by Joshua Arthur Peter White-Crummey at the Ryersonian, complete with additional pictures plus video (included below here) of the event and interviews with the participants at


blurred finger or wooden plan

toward necessity beside machine or

grinder apologetically exits deserted spoon

cube burns lock or sketch

active temptation or that grain 


any wink the diagonal ownership

sporadically toes bound punctuation, country

hunches core or memorized black

each ownership, the slug, intuition

storms pastoral tooth toward king


Below are some additional pictures of the event taken by Chia Yueh

IMG_5044 - edited
IMG_5045 - edited

IMG_5053 - edited
IMG_5084 - edited

IMG_5088 - edited
IMG_5088 - edited

IMG_5045 - edited
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IMG_5038 - edited