Archives – First Stage Translations

The following are versions of chesspoems as put through our first stage translator. As you can read, these versions are very rudimentary and word-soupy. Compare these to the other chesspoems (2nd stage translations) we’re hosting under Famous Games, Famous Players, Openings and Defenses to see the difference between the first and second stage of the Chessbard translator.

Paul Morphy vs Duke Karl / Count Isouard (Paris (1858))
“The Opera Game”

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Adolf Anderssen vs Lionel Adalbert Bagration Felix Kieseritsky (London (1851))
“The Immortal Game”

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again on red interlocked consider not
once of within to for
memories core pulses authors diagonals assured
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then own remains intuitive the more
the the bloodline diagonals

From Murphy by Samuel Beckett. Murphy (White) Vs. Mr. Endon (Black)

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Deep Thought vs Garry Kasparov (New York (1989))

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Game 1: Kasparov vs Deep Blue (Philadelphia, 1996)

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Game 2: Deep Blue vs Kasparov (Philadelphia, 1996)

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constructing like must transforms interlocked
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Donald Byrne vs Robert James Fischer (1956): “The Game of the Century”

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