The English

“The English derives its name from the English (unofficial) world champion, Howard Staunton, who played it during his 1843 match with Saint-Amant and London 1851, the first international tournament…A flank opening, it is the fourth most popular and, according to various databases, anywhere from one of the two most successful to the fourth most successful of White’s twenty possible first moves. White begins the fight for the centre by staking a claim to the d5 square from the wing, in hypermodern style.” (Wikipedia)

The English opening begins with 1. c4.


Below are some games that use the English Opening for White.

Alexey Reshetnikov vs Mikhail Demidov (Moscow, 2013)

each lock mechanizes something, finger 
deserts (deserts) licked desert beside cell 

hard copy, joint path 
sketches active logic or 
cube accosts or casts lifestyle 

the cell behind or beside 
considered necessity swings some applause 

that applause inside spoon 
varies a shaken sketch or 
any apex beside lilac 

tomb curls

Howard Staunton vs Bernhard Horwitz (London, 1851)

sandy lock, each considerations and 
isolatedly seals logic (logic) and 
worm casts beyond apology 

metal cube, coherent clock, each 
basket, some vexed speed, arithmetic 
plans scrawny sketch and zinc 

Which licked woman sketches this reproduction?
the considered stage 

burdensome textbook inside ground diagonal 

typed temptation inside machine 
resists a tempered dormouse or 
misty sketch, the dormouse 

the twist beneath curl 

Jose Raul Capablanca vs Max Wolfson (Simul (1915))

a sand and interlocked logic 
cube isolates or resists powder 

instantaneous sand and sandy sand 
spooned apple tempts toward dark 

base must warily sounds sound!

any slowness rarely knots or 
unequally opens electricity, broken opposition 

tempered peak

Robert James Fischer vs Boris Spassky (Reykjavik, 1972)

sand seals mechanically or frequently 

active wasp, resistive operation 
values broken base or 
added woman (woman) and slimy variation 

blurred textbook within skittish flower 
materializes purposely and angle 
lives some sand and necessity 

tunneled wish and a deformity 
evenly scurries wood

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Mikhail Tal (1960)

Imagine sandy finger purposely deserts machine!

interlocked plaster, blurred apology resists 
resistive curve, sibling some temptation 
or cube and clock 

purposeful man and desert 
tempts kingdom and opposition, woman 
observes slimy desert over textbook 

seashelled signal or injury 
onto imagination any screech and 
that slide and seasoned silicon