The Translator

Below is the Chessbard Translator, pre-loaded with the default game of Deep Blue vs Kasparov, 1996, Game 1. To translate that game into a poem, click the “Poetify” button to the right. Alternatively, you can upload you own .pgn files by clicking the “Choose File” button, selecting the desired file on your computer, then pressing the “Upload” button; once the poem is then loaded into the translator, hit “Poetify” to translate your selected game into a poem. Visit for an extensive database of past chess games in the .pgn file format that you can download then translate. You may also write poetry with the Chessbard by visiting our playable version. There are further instructions to be found by scrolling down.

Additionally, once you’ve translated the poem, the pop-up windows gives the options to print (top right button), download (middle right button) or email (bottom right button) the poem you’ve translated. As the chessbard is choosing new templates with each translation, each poem is slightly different, even if given the same input game. For further info on how the Chessbard works, visit our About page.

It is worth noting that the translator on this page is actually version 2.0 of the
Chessbard. You can find version 1.0 by visiting the Archives page and compare the two machines.

For any technical problems or feedback please email atucker[at]ryerson[dot[ca].