Gary Barwin Responds to the ChessBard!

The ChessBard is alive! We are extremely happy to have Gary Barwin as the first writer to respond to the ChessBard. Here’s a sample:

6-basic-pieceThere is a minimalist variational elegance in the shapes of the pieces. In the simple binary pairs of white/black, light/shadow, win/lose. In the alternating turns. In the endless ontological or metaphysical narrative variation of beginning/ending. Life/death. In the relation of the pieces to the real world (castle, rook, knight, bishop, queen.) To dance, war, strategic intrigue, molecules, literature, music. A two-tone slow-motion soccer of the mind. How much is chess in the physical world and how much of it is in the imagination? Its richly unfolding patterns of play. The universe of chess unfolds on the universe/page/world/map/dimensionality of the chessboard.

When I think of chess, I can’t help thinking of Marcel Duchamp, Machiavelli, Heisenberg, Wittgenstein. Sherlock Holmes. Lao Tzu.

Check out the full page to see the poems he generated and the writing he’s done in response!

Make sure to also visit the translator and the playable version while you’re here!

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